Joseph Cobb
Dr. Pegan
Phil 102-C
March 19, 2010
Homework # 5
In   chapter 17 Rachel tell us that we as people wait for something big to happen before we lend a helping hand to others in need. She tells that we should not wait for something bad to happen for us to take the initiative to help others in need. An example that Rachel gives to us is the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Rachel tells that more children die on that day from starvation then the amount of innocent people that die in the twin towers. She goes on stay that in the next two days after the attacks 30,000 more children died from starvation alone. Rachel tells that the cost to get a two year old to be as health as a six year old only cost twenty cent a day.   In the end people sometimes look over the poor, because they are almost invisible.  
After reading this chapter I found it very surprising about the amount of children that died that day was over looked by the twin towers. I would of   never thought that more children died from something so basic to human life such as food and water, then from a plane crashing into a building where people where working to bring home food, and water to their family. I agree with Rachel that we as people overlook the everyday poor person (people in Africa, Haiti before the earthquake, in our own country), but then when a catastrophe hits we then want to people. We as people should be helping one another before a major event happens. I was truly surprised by the cost to take malnutrition two year and turn them into a health six year old. Most people around the world I believe can lend a helping hand, especially here in America. We as American always say that they can’t afford to help but at the same time our new TV cost the same amount as what some people in other countries make in a year.   We as American have a moral obligation to help those that are in need of help.
Bob had an old Bugatti that he loved very much. He took very good care of his car. He was not a rich...