Rachel, Rachel Personality

The film, Rachel, Rachel, is one that delves into the life of a middle-aged woman whose thoughts, feelings and desires are made visible to the outside observer. Because of this, one is able to identify a personality type, in the attempt to label and analyze. The main character, Rachel, exhibits traits that lead to the Personality theory of Otto Rank—Intrapsychic conflict model. The theory possesses an explanation for a large sum of the traits that Rachel shows evidence of.   Rank’s theory consists of Life and Death instincts, in which the fear of each consequently creates a conflict of self. This conflict is inevitable and irresolvable; it can be managed and balanced, however, but unable to be rid of. I feel that Rachel’s personality type in the film represents an aspect of this struggle, and works as a visual, showing the effects of the developmental and peripheral experiences explicated in this theory.
In Otto Rank’s Theory, he suggests three possibilities in terms of personality type. These types include: the artist, the neurotic, and the average person. The artist is described as the “ideal” type—typically have a strong establishment of mature will, successfully balances the fear of life and the fear of death into a compromising solution. While the neurotic, has an inclination toward the fear of death, choosing instead, to exclude the idea of unity and remain distinctly in a state of individuation, unable to connect with society and instead remains in isolation. Neither of these personality types exemplifies that of the character, Rachel. It is, however, the third and least ideal personality type that brings forth some of concepts that bring Rachel to light. The Average person is described as a conformist and one who lacks the initiative to pursue individuality, as the inclination to do so is simply not there.
In the evaluation of this film, it seems that when observing Rachel’s key characteristics through out, there appears to be certain traits...