Cliffaniqa Towbridge
SOC 455-01 Race and Ethic Relations
September 24, 2014

My reactions towards the works of Felandus Thames were of bewilderment. It amazes me how someone can depict the views of how African Americans have been looked at all throughout history until present time of today. He uses such creative, and simple innovative pieces, such as house hold items, and things that people use in their every day lives. For example, he uses shoes, brushes, and children toys. Felandus Thames works about his perceptions of race and society in my personal views from observing his art work especially the piece with the floating space like lips shows the modern day views of the racist black stereotypes and views of big lips; Also, the mockery that was bestowed upon blacks, and their “strange” facial features.
Furthermore, the children building block which says “There’s nothing wrong with being black but it sure is inconvenient” really stood out to me. From this piece the children blocks drew me to the piece. Once reading the quote I began to understand that the artist was trying to invite innocence towards this piece; displaying such a hard quote by one of the first black performers Bert Williams. Also, another piece of Thames that stood out to me was a disco embellished rectangle which displays the words “Lack powe” from this piece from my understanding it means in a sense that blacks are lacking any social power, or real status in society as a race.              
    Lack in the picture is short for black which emphases that the blacks are lacking power which is also not spelled out completely it only displays “powe”