Race and the Community

Race and my Community
Traci Reimer
University of Phoenix

Race and my Community
In my community, there are several different races and ethnic backgrounds. Not everyone gets along, but for the most part they do.   Just in my neighborhood there are Asians, African Americans, Hispanic and Caucasian. In my neighborhood, everyone gets along.   It should not matter what race a person is, what matters is that everyone gets along.
Human interaction in my community varies.   Depending on what part of the community a person is in.   I have lived in my neighborhood for almost nine years, and there have not been any problems with our neighbors.   We all get along great.   There is communication, friendliness and all the neighbors watch out for the others.  
There is a small community here called Oildale.   It is predominantly Caucasian and very few Hispanics.   As the community started out there were no other races than Caucasians.   If a person was African American, they would not be seen in Oildale and if an African American was to go to Oildale, they would not leave the small community the same way they entered.   Times have changed over the years and Oildale has other races and sees few problems there.
If there are any problems with our local government when it comes to race, it has not been publicized.   I think this is a good thing to do as it shows that the people in authority no matter what race can work together in harmony.  
The schools in Bakersfield, CA are mixed with several different races and there have been turf wars.   If the school is predominantly African American, there will be issues there.   If the school is predominantly Caucasians, there will be issues there among certain groups.   The two major groups at the schools are “Skinheads” and the “Crips”.   For the most part, the kids do get along.
In my community, there are some that look like me as in the same race.   On my street alone, there are four families that are Caucasian, two families that are...