Race and My Community

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Race and My Community
Lisa Morris
April 20, 2010
Avis Davis

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I come from a community of approximately 190,000 people. The town I live in, Moorhead, MN is directly across the Red River from Fargo, ND. Moorhead’s population is approximately 36,000 and Fargo’s population is approximately 154,000. We have two universities and one large private college, along with two business colleges and a technical school located in our cities. While I was growing up, the only cultures other than my own that I was exposed to were Hispanics and American Indians; even that exposure was limited. I suppose my family was considered “middle class” when I was growing up, although we certainly do not fit into the “middle class” by today’s standards. Most of my town’s Hispanic and American Indian population were located on the north side of town, while I grew up on the south side of town. Once I got to High School, there was more diversity among the students because students from both sides of town attended the same High School.                                 I admit to having prejudices against Hispanics while I was growing up. We had a big influx of Hispanics every summer in the form of migrant field workers. It seems that the petty crime rate would rise every year with the arrival of the migrant workers. There were more vandalisms, thefts, and break-ins. My family would hold a garage sale every year and we would catch Hispanics stealing from the sale at least once a season, sometimes two or three times a day. We never caught a Caucasian stealing from our sales; but is this because we watched Hispanics closer or because they were the only ones stealing? Hispanics would come in large groups to the sales. They all spoke Spanish amongst themselves and were not friendly. I was actually quite intimidated by them, and yes, fearful as well. I do not remember thinking that they did not have a right to be in “my” town; but I do remember thinking that they should...