Race and Ethnicity

* What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to you?

For starters, the definition of the word race as in Human has been diluted to a very translucent vial.   This I believe to be the effect of
inter-racial and multi-racial marriages.   But without the factor of the inter and multi-racial unions, race means the classification of a specific group of people, such as White, Black, Asian and Hispanic.   As for the term Ethnicity, that’s when I feel it gets tricky.   Prior to reading “Understanding Race and Ethnicity” I felt that there really was no difference between race and ethnicity.   Now, the meaning I gathered is that the ethnicity with in all races is comprised of the different customs and beliefs that a specific group has.   For example the simplest form falls under diets.   When African-Americans do not typically eat pork (this might fall under stereotypes?) most Hispanics have a heavy pork diet.

      * Why are these concepts important to United States society?

They are in my opinion a tool of power.   When there is a town that the majority is white, it is believed that this is a good neiborhood.   The complete opposite is thought of a minority neighborhood, whether it is black or Hispanic.   This is determined every ten years when the census is performed.   This is in part how funds are distributed.   I personally do not believe that race plays a part in most of this country.   My last job had me traveling all across the United States, and I can say first hand that I have been to towns that are not rewarded or forgotten due to race.   That applies to both black and white communities.   The concept of race and ethnicity in the United States is important to the people that live where they live.   The government has the power of funds but not the power of pride towards a specific group or groups.