Project Proposal:
Group #9

Barbosa, Brylle John
Carino, Cheddie Rouy
Cortez, Marc Jason,
Salve, Jeremy Ivan

Title: Product Inventory Management

The program is about a retail company that owns a store house. The objective is that the program tracks the information of the items listed, from name, id, price, etc. The program will contain a main menu where the user can select if he/she wants to buy, sell or check on the items listed. The program will also tell whether an item is sold out or is out of stock. If the user wants to buy an item, a receipt of the products will be outputted and the item list will be updated. If the user wants to sell an item, an output telling that the transaction has been completed. If the user wants to check the list of items, he/ she will be directed to a list of items available and at the bottom part is a menu where the user can choose if he wants to continue to buy an item or exit.

Algorithm/s Used:
Divide and Conquer

Related Literature:
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