Quotes and Notes for Hatshepsut


    • Hatshepsut could not have ruled without strong male officials - Gardiner- Sexism was a big thought when it came to the reign of Hatshepsut. Gardiner was from the early 1960’s where males were known as the dominant sex.   This was the previous assumption of Hatshepsut’s reign.

    • It is not imagined, however, that even a woman of the most virile character could have attained such a pinnacle of power without masculine support- Gardiner- Second example of the explanation above

    • Emphasised the close relationship that Hatshepsut had with her officials. Especially Senenmut- Ineni’s Tomb Biography- Saying how Hatshepsut held her officials at value and also worked to earn each others loyalty. Hatshepsut was a leader that many followed and trusted. (Tomb biography’s unreliable when it comes to telling the truth about a pharaoh).

    • Redford claims that Hapusoneb (vizier and high priest) to be Hats most influential supporter, he was also the first prophet of Amun.

    • ‘I   inspected the erection of the great shrine of ebony…’- Puemre on a stature of Mut inscription- P was the second priest of Amun and one of Hat’s architects. He also served inter Tut III and holds honours displays for the significance of his contributions towards the two kings in his Thebes burial.

    • Increased number of well appointed private tombs at Thebes and Saqqara suggests that Hat was generous to those who loyally served her. They were of dire importance to her as they carried many roles and therefore allow her to further exercise her power.


    • States that the priesthood was the backbone of Hats administration- Callender- Support of the priesthood was of extreme importance to the ascent of Hat and that was recognised in many different forms

    • Hat relied upon the Cult of Amun to strengthen her position- Redford- She   was able to use this as a   stronghold because of her Divine Birth and connection to Amun as the...