Project # 2: Summaries Assignment
Maha Hanno
Golden Gate University

Prison Alone Won't Fix the US Drug Problem
Through his article, Sadhbh Walshe urges Americans to treat drug addicts instead of sending them to prisons. He elaborates that drug addicts are humans who suffer certain problems and need treatments not punishments. Sadhbh refutes the war on drug addicts declared in 1971 by President Nixon, which was supposed to end drug addiction by arresting and imprisoning anyone involved in drug trade. No matter what gender, age or color the person is, even women and children are to be imprisoned including small time users. (Walshe, 2012)
He even introduces a true story of a woman, Alisha Ruiz, who was brought up by drug users parents and began, herself, to use drugs at the age of 13. However, she committed many crimes and was sent to jail after giving birth to her daughter who was sent to the Child Care Assistance – Department of Social Services. The author reports that after she was set free, she had shelter to stay in, no money to sustain herself and no one to support her.   Therefore, due to the stress and the struggles she strived to live, she was arrested and sent to court where she begged the judge to send her to a treatment program. (Ruiz, 2012)
Alisha was sent to the drug treatment program, which transformed her life and rehabilitated her soul. She got a job and regained custody of her daughter, who is now doing well at school. In addition, Alisha is about to start a training program with a master chef. Sadhbh Walshe emphasized the fact that the four years prison would have cost over $100,000; however, Ruiz’s drug treatment didn’t cost that sum. Walshe concludes that it's so much better for her and for the society that the government treated her as a human, not an addict.
Jail vs. Treatment for Drug Offenders
Leah Miranda states the difficulties of drug addiction, and how it is hard for any person to deal with addicts. Therefore, she, through her...