Quitters Never Win

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit
When my wrestling coach gave me the vital advice, quitters never win and winners never quit, that’s when I truly learned something. Before this advice I use to be just an average kid. When the going got tough, giving up was my number one option. I never really finished anything I started, and now that I think about it, I was a quitter! From his advice I built character. I also realized he was my role model, and I wanted to earn his respect.
The oldest and the hardest sport known to human being is wrestling. A sport where there is not bleachers full of fans cheering you on, where you starve yourself for days to make weight on Thursday and Saturday, only 3.6% of the wrestlers compete at the college level and where there isn’t a million dollar contract to go pro level to preform. Why was I crazy enough to pick wrestling you might ask? Like always I let my peers convince me to do something I did not want to do. I decided to join the wrestling team, although my peers had already decided that for me. So as a teeny tiny freshman I walked in the wrestling room having no idea what the sport of wrestling was even about. walking in the wrestling all of a sudden gave me this sick feeling in my stomach. I had butterflies; you know exactly what feeling I am talking about don’t you? Whenever I get nervous my hands get really sweaty also,called hyperhidrosis. At the moment I had a combination of sweaty hands and butterflies so you could just imagine how nervous I was.
Whiled the anxiety attack in the locker room, I see all the upper class men screaming at the top their lungs of joy and acting obnoxious. They are all just extremely excited for the wrestling season to start. I was changing out of my street clothes to work out clothes in the locker room, and just thought, why are they so excited? I remember thinking they must be crazy to be exited for something like this. I thought about these questions over and over again, because I...