Over the last decade many changes have been affecting Human Resource Management (HRM). New technology has brought in new trends, challenges and the demand to do more for less has been the key factor for organizations to transform or upgrade their human resource functions. Globalization has been instrumental in HRM because when organizations go global the HR needs to incorporate the perspectives, laws, and customs of other countries making this a challenging need in HR. In this paper Team C will discuss how a complete performance management system differs from the use of annual performance appraisals, evaluate the effectiveness and problems of various performance appraisals, discuss the advantages of managing turnover, examine safety and health management issues and finally discuss the future trends and challenges in Human Resource Management.
Performance Management Systems and Annual Appraisals
Human resource has many variables and challenges. Understanding how complete performance management systems and the use of annual performance appraisals differ will help in dealing with some of those challenges. First individuals need to understand what each one does, and from there he can see the difference. Complete performance management systems is the process of creating a work environment or setting in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities (Heathfield, S., 2010). It is a form of appraisal system, but at a broader scale. This system includes developing clear job descriptions, selecting appropriate people for the job, negotiating requirements, and accomplishments based on performance standards, outcomes. The appraisal system measures effective: education, training, and orientation. Also part of this process is providing proper feedback, coaching when needed, and conducting quarterly performance development discussions.