Question 11

Question 11, Unit 1 assessment
I did not realize that I use scientific method in my everyday life until this class; it is amazing in how scientific method is used. I guess I did use scientific method trying to figure out why I had lost my Wi-Fi connections on my desk top and my laptop, I just knew I had re-connected everything correctly, but after observing that the lights were not on for my modem or my router I had to go back and retrace the plug-ins, so I unplugged everything and started over one cable at a time. What I ended up finding out was that I had both Ethernet cables plugged in backwards, so it wasn’t registering any gateway numbers so once I resolved that and restarted the modem and the router everything worked.
Question 12, Unit 1 assessment

a. Which product seems most plausible? I think the Quaker oats product is most plausible. Quaker Oats has been around since I was a little girl and actually, it serves many purposes, and the fact that it has many different varieties makes it a good source of nutrition. It sticks with to you and helps to crave the hunger.

b. Which product website cited the most convincing data?
Lipitor gives the most descriptive and convincing data. Lipitor is a well-known cholesterol-lowering drug. Lipitor is well explained on the website and even from a Doctor prescribing it or even the pharmacist. The information states that it has been clinically proven to lower bad cholesterol by 39% - 60% and the other website does not offer that information. It provides the safety information as well as providing the side effects that could occur while taking the drug.
c. Did any of the websites include testimonial data?
The CholesterClear offered some testimonial but it still does not prove that this product is worth it. Everyone’s body reacts so differently to...