Queen Victoria Essay

Queen Victoria entered a dynamic and insecure world at eighteen years old with little faith in her from her people that she could handle the problems that were to be thrust upon her. In these early years, Victoria gained power and saw the birth of the modern world. Britain pioneered the age of steam and this new industrial production made Britain a major world super power. Through the years Victoria met people who would greatly influence Britain’s power, even further. Her husband, Prince Albert, changed Britain’s social life and pushed industrialisation to higher levels and with the help of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, they created a communication revolution. The potato famine and 1848, the year of revolutions, soon came, and forced the government to change its ways too.

The industrial revolution included the production of steam power which allowed Britain to expand their growing empire. From steam power, railways and steamships were created and the first steam locomotives heralded revolution over trade and obtained Britain a stable economic and trading system. The industrialisation of Britain was a great change, when Victoria had been born, life and technology in Britain was closer to that of the Greeks and Romans. The discovery of steam and newer technology from the West gave Britain a boost into the modern world and the superpower it grows to be. Once railways were introduced, they quickly became popular and soon enough, millions were using them every year. Steamships also helped Britain to secure stronger trading relationships with overseas countries.
Queen Victoria married her first cousin, Prince Albert, who influenced Britain’s social life, industry and economy. Prince Albert was foreign and poor and so there was a lack of popular enthusiasm for the marriage. Many of the British did not like Albert and he soon realised that ahead of him was a hard fight to win the hearts of the people. He did not have any work as Victoria took care of the country’s affairs...