Queen Liluokalani

My topic is the Annexation of Hawaii: Queen Liliuokalani. In these three paragraphs below you will learn why I chose this topic; How I conducted my research; and How it relates to the theme “Conflict and Compromise”.

I chose this topic because her name popped out at me when we were choosing our person to write about for our historical head. A historical head is a paper that has a skull on it and in the skull you write three descriptive or action words your person and three symbols on the person you chose. Queen Liliuokalani was my choice. Then, when I saw her on the History Day topic list, I was ecstatic inside. Unfortunately, another person returned back what they chose before me and it was my topic but, luckily she didn’t fill out the sheet all the way so I got the topic I wanted. Also, when I was younger I read a book on her and when I first saw her name nothing came up, but as I was reading the information on her, it all came back. Also, I love reading about women who changed and influenced history.

My research was quite difficult. I went to 3 libraries all together. At the first library which was Northeast Public Library, they only had secondary source books on Queen Liliuokalani but, I needed primary source books on Queen Liliuokalani. At the second library which was Southeast Public Library, they had no secondary or primary sources on Queen Liliuokalani. The two libraries did have something in common. They both said report to MLK (Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Public Library). Finally, I went there with my two friends. This was my first time going unless I went there when I was young as didn’t remember. Anyway, the outside looked huge when you were looking on the inside. But, don’t judge a book by its cover. When I arrived in the library, the person in charge told me to go upstairs on the 2nd floor. When I went up there, the person in charge of that section looked up my topic but they did not have any primary sources on her except on the internet...