Hospital Case Study Analysis
Sarita R Pollard
Ashford University
Dr. Rhonda Hatfield

August 26, 2013

Investigate and Analyze the Company’s History and Growth:

The hospital had previously had patients to visit a hospital administrator, the physician director of the emergency room and the director of hospital performance improvement met to review several disturbing trends. Patient satisfaction with the emergency department was falling, with patients leaving the emergency department without being fully evaluated, increase of patient falling in the crowded waiting room.  

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses Within the Company:
The administrator wanted the physician director to organize the department more efficiently to address the fundamental problem of access wait time, believed the wait time was to be expected given the severity of illness of the patient population and existing resources.   The performance improvement director wanted to make sure that the wait time was being measured before any embarking on a performance improvement plan that focused on wait time.

Gather Information on the External Environment:
Using the techniques described, with enthusiastic and substantive support from hospital administration and the medical staff, the emergency department embarked on a nine-month effort to measure, analyze, and improve the quality of care.   They chose to focus on wait time, patient satisfaction with services delivered, timeliness of initiation of care for patients with time-sensitive diagnoses for cases such as stroke and chest pain.   The performance tools improvement organizations received ideas from the hospital staff, and developed new policies, procedures, re-organized functions of staff, hired additional staff and instituted performance-based incentives.
Analyze Your Findings:
The hospital had already been in trouble before the 26 year old woman came into the emergency room with an onset of shortness of breath over the past three days....