Qualities of a Good Salesman


Introduction--Place of salesmanship in modern times--Qualities of a good salesman--Charming personality--Honest and loyal--Jolly and hospitable--Knows his job--Ready to help the customers--Conclusion

Salesmanship is gaining great importance in the modern world. It has become a very profiting profession. Mass production of commodities has made it necessary for the producers to sell their production at a very fast rate. For this purpose well-qualified and educated salesmen are required. It was not considered a lucrative profession in our country. But it has become an attractive profession now. More and more educated young girls and boys are adopting this profession with very profitable results.
A salesman is not an ordinary person. He is a special one. He must possess very special qualities. A lot of business depends on him. A good salesman is supposed not only to sell a product to a consumer but also guide him in his choice. A good salesman must possess a charming personality. He or she should be polite in conversation and convincing in arguments. A salesman is loyal to his employees but he must also be true to the customers. `Honesty pays in the long run' remember a salesman. Courtesy, good manners, attractive personality, charming voice and intelligence are the necessary qualities for a salesman or a salesgirl.
Many big firms recruit and train their salesmen on scientific lines. They have their own training institutions. They have highly qualified and experienced staff for the training of their salesmen and salesgirls. It goes a great length in the promotion of their sales. Their profits rise at an astonishing scale with the help of properly trained and motivated salesmen. Girls and boys from well-off families don't feel shy to join this profession. They know that working in this profession is in no way below their dignity. Salesmen with sound academic qualifications play an important role in...