Qualitative Analysis

I. Introduction and Purpose
The following analysis and critique presented will be to evaluate a qualitative study that was performed by Mary Crowe accompanied by other colleagues on the topic of chronic low back pain and the impact it has on people. The topic and purpose of this study was clearly stated throughout the article and was stated towards the beginning with a clear statement which read “The aim was to investigate peoples’ experiences of the impact of chronic low back pain” (Crowe, 2009). As you continue reading further, the abstract in the article indicates that the study not only examines back pain, but also provides specific causes and symptoms that are associated to chronic low back pain. Based on the information this article provides, it can be suggested that the article will be a valuable contribution to research within the nursing field.
II. Review of the Literature
In order to set up the study in a successful and efficient way, the authors provided a large amount of background literature which aides to the study of back pain. The research article utilized written work by authors Holloway and Walker to demonstrate several studies in regards to back pain. In addition, studies that had previously been conducted which consisted of a number of people who suffer with chronic back pain contributed to the background research that was utilized for this particular study. Other areas of research that were explored in this study were several areas that related to nursing practice such as preventative care and health promotion, also alternative treatments and physical therapy to name a few.
III. Study Design
As we know there are several different study designs that could be used when conducting research. For this particular study, since the interest of the researchers was to gather data from people to form a conclusion, it can be said that the grounded theory method was used. Grounded theory is a qualitative research technique that begins with...