Qcf Level 5 - Unit 527

QCF Level 5 - Unit 527:  

Our staff team understand the importance of providing a person centred approach and by getting individuals to engage in meaningful activities it can have a very positive effect on their health and wellbeing. It promotes inclusion.
Good practice includes:
• People working together, Elderly clients and People with learning disabilities should help plan their own services and in some cases, make them happen
• Looking at people’s strengths and skills . Helping people to live in the community. Services working together (Social care, health, housing and leisure). Planning services around people’s skills and interests.
At respectful care we embrace outcome based practice to promote the advancement and independence of the individual.
Outcome based care is about putting the person at the centre of the care and not prescribing a standard care to everyone. Outcome based care requires careful planning, which involves working with individuals to identify and achieve things. This should increase interest motivation and creates enthusiasm needed for people to lead a more fulfilling life.
We would look at the individual’s desires, aspirations, abilities and talents and explore and utilise to help them lead a more fulfilling life. In turn it empowers the staff to work more closely with the individual and encourage them to enable their independence.
A fundamental part of outcome based care is looking for opportunities to support people actively throughout the day. Of course not all individuals can complete all tasks independently so it is my role to enable the individual with enough support for participation.
A key principle would be to encourage the individual to engage in meaningful activities and build on this accordingly. It is about planning little achievable steps rather than an unachievable target.
We focus from the onset on what we are trying to achieve.

Legislation and policies have placed more emphasis on outcome based...