Qcf Level 5 - Assess the Individual in a Health and Social Care Setting.

Assess the individual in a health and social care setting.

Be able to promote others’ understanding of the role of assessment.
This paper will develop others understanding of the functions of a range of assessment tools, and their understanding that assessment can have a positive and negative impact on an individual and their families.   Finally the paper will develop their understanding of their contribution to the assessment process.
We know that there are several functions to the range of assessment tools such as various assessment types to analyse what support is required. Outlined below are those functions of how important they can be, using two real life examples.

Physio and Occupational Therapy Assessment
CP at Rookwood was recently assessed for a change in mobility. The function of that assessment was to look at what equipment would be required to maintain independence and allow better mobility. Part of this was to look at CPs current walking ability and assess the current equipment in the home. The outcome was that CP is unable to climb stairs and would require a stair lift and new wheelchair.
Another example of the functions to this assessment was a review of TFs ability to get in of bed at Rookwood, and it was deemed in their best interest to have a profiling bed in place due to the age and vulnerability of the person. Therefore the function on this assessment was to consider the potential decrease mobility of the person in the near future, and future-proof that independence factor.
Support staff was present at these assessments which took place in 2015. They provided valuable feedback to the Physio’s and OT assessment process gave good insight into how the individual functions. Staff at the house showed good understanding of how important their feedback to the process was to ensure an appropriate outcome was made.

Mental Health Assessment / Positive Behavioural Assessment (PBM)
These assessments can be complex in determining a link...