Qcf Level 3 in Cypw

EYMP3   2.4                                                                
Explain, Giving Examples Why Minimum Requirements for Space and Staff Ratios are Necessary for Children Safety.

Staff Ratios
It’s important staff ratios are met at all time, ensuring the quality of care and the safety of children is met. For example you wouldn’t expect 1 member of staff to look after 20 children, this putting children at risk of accidents and injuries.

Staff ratios to follow:
Age     Adult   child  
0-2         1           3
2-3         1           4
4-8         1           6

Look at the room layout, could anything be moved or changed to prevent problems or risk of injury. For example you wouldn’t let children ride bikes or trikes in a small area as this would be unsafe, they could bump into each other. Keep space clear from obstacles, this will enable children to play without falling and injuring themselves.

EYMP3   4.3
How to Prepare and Store Food, Formula and Breast Milk Safely According to Health and Safety Guidelines.

Food is prepared, stored and cooked hygienically. Kitchen area is clean all the time and anyone handling foods have “Food & Safety Certificate” and good personal hygiene. Anyone handling food washes their hands with hot water and soap before touching any food. Kitchen surface is clean, using anti bacterial spray. Some raw products such as poultry and fish are likely to contain bacteria. To prevent spread of bacteria use separate colour coded chopping boards, knives and dishes. Wash your hands before use of other products and equipment. Prevent bacteria spreading by storing food correctly in the fridge. The danger zone is between 5 and 63 ºC, between these zones bacteria can spread rapidly.

Formula Milk
Clean and sterilise all feeding equipment. This includes bottles, teat, lids, retaining rings, caps and scoop. Clean and disinfect the work surface you’re going to use. Wash and dry your hands. Put a sterilized bottle...