Pwc Written Part of Application

My ideal client would be GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) as it is one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, developing and supplying medicines to improve patients’ quality of life. It makes prescription medicine, vaccines, over-the-counter medicines, oral care and nutritional healthcare products. GSK has a strong relationship with the NHS being its largest supplier of medicines and vaccines as well as advising the NHS on new treatments for major diseases. It employs 96,500 people in over 100 countries and around 13,000 people work in research teams to discover new medicines and in 2010, GSK delivered 1.4 billion vaccine doses to 179 countries. As such, the services PWC could provide to such a huge organisation would be vast and diverse.
To begin with, as assurance and advice are at the heart of what GSK do, PWC could provide services such as audit, financial reporting and risk management advice as these would give GSK the stability they need to manage and achieve their goals. PWC could help ensure GSK are aware of their business risks and help them manage them efficiently by ensuring robust systems and controls were in place and that they made sense financially.
Being such a huge organisation GSK could end up spending huge amounts of valuable time in business issues such as legislation, HR and IT and as such PWC could provide GSK with a business support service performing administrative functions hence giving them more time and freedom to get back to running and growing their business. Business growth often calls for additional finance and PWC could provide solutions tailored to GSK’s needs whether it is an acquisition, floatation or overseas expansion. By being involved at the outset of a transaction PWC can provide comprehensive advice to minimise the tax exposure, considering all the corporate tax, VAT, international and employee issues as appropriate.
Understanding GSK’s mission and strategy i.e. what GSK wants to achieve and...