Puritan Religious Beliefs
At home is where many Puritans practiced their faith. The New Testament was what they devoted to and it acted as a model for their entire society. Many Puritans would seek to unite the Protestant nation as much as possible and they would create theocracies. They believed that anyone who was taking part in ungodly entertainments was sinning, and this included songs, dances and sports that most people enjoyed. They would insteadread their bible, listen to sermons, and pray. Prayer was a major part of a Puritans daily life. They prayed before sleep at night and right as they would wake in the morning. Jonathan Edwards, a very famous Puritan preacher said, “Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is of life.” Many also recorded their spiritual experience in diaries, and hoping to revolve their lives around God and his plan for them.
The Puritans lived very pious lives, and would do everything they could to secure their place as one of God’s elect throughout their daily lives. They knew that they had to have faith in God, and God had to choose them with His absolute and predestining power to save. Today, many people look back on the Puritan lifestyle and take from it that they were extremely religious people and saw themselves much higher and above others. This is true in some cases but they were people who were devoted and had confidence in what they believed in, and many people could learn from them today.