Pursuing an Mba

Pursuing an MBA: What’s in it for me?

Pursuing an MBA
Jessica Brown
University of Phoenix

      In a society that constantly reminds us that “Knowledge and Power is everything,” we often feel obligated to make ourselves stand out in some way. The chances of succeeding in life are far greater for those who possess a considerable amount of knowledge. It also doesn’t hurt to be connected to the right people either. For this reason, many people have considered pursuing higher levels of education, more specifically master’s degrees. Whether it is due to gaining a competitive advantage in a highly competitive market, financial stability, long-term employment, or personal growth, there are many benefits to pursuing master’s degrees.

Personal Growth

      I’ve always had a personal need to strive for excellence. Being a product of an educator, the importance of receiving a quality education was strongly encouraged. I learned early on that life would be difficult if I did not have a good education. A professor once told me “The day that you stop learning, is the day that you cease from living.” Those words were enough motivation for me to seek more knowledge and increased learning so that I would be able to position myself in an increasingly competitive market.

Gaining an Competitive Advantage

      The pursuit of higher education has become the norm in society today.   The increasing demand of technological advancement warrants young professionals and the like to search for ways to gain a competitive advantage. The ideas that are being used today were developed five years ago. Teachers are preparing students to develop ideas for products and services that don’t exist yet. Between 1998 and 2005, the number of computers in public schools has increased from 90 to 154. (NCES, 2009). Nearly 50 million students are enrolled in 99,000 public and secondary schools for the fall term and an estimated $543 billion will be spent on their education. (NCES, 2009)....