Pursuing a Mba

Pursuing a MBA
Lenora R. Stoner
University of Phoenix
August 18, 2010

Pursuing a MBA
In today’s world, education is becoming more of an issue than ever. Life experience is dwarfed by the number of and level of degrees an individual possesses. The experience a person has after a twenty year military career does not convince a civilian employer of the ex-military member’s qualities and capabilities.  
This has led me to begin my pursuit of a Master’s Degree with the University of Phoenix.   First of all, University of Phoenix is highly recognized with industry professionals throughout the United States. My online Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Business Administration I started while stationed overseas was with an accredited institution but one not many had heard about. I needed to ensure my Graduate degree was with a school civilian employers had knowledge of and possibly had hired other Phoenix students.  
There are some people in today’s world who believe an education is not as important as I feel it is.   A large majority of people I come in contact with on a daily basis are blue collar workers.   Many may have been with a same company for ten to fifteen years at this point.   The question which always arises is “Why should they go to school and spend money on something they do not need?” My feeling on this matter is if they would go to college what damage would it cause. I have had people tell me “Good for you, an education is very important” but yet they continue to work the same job dejected and dissatisfied. If someone does not like the position they are in they are the only ones who can change their outcome.
My husband and I have seen how much of a difference an education can make in people.   We have changed our views, perceptions, and attitudes over the course of our time in academia.   We are more concerned about what the world has to offer.   We are not relying on our military career solely as a way to employment.   We finally understood, after...