Assignment No. 3(Spring 2011)
Elementary English (ENG001)
Total Marks: 15
Lectures: 16-20


1. No assignment will be accepted via e-mail after the due date.
2. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses work done by someone else without acknowledging the actual author. It also means copying and pasting the material from handouts and internet source without rephrasing it in his/her own words.

Q. 1 Write a paragraph on the following topic. It should comprise of 300-400 words.

“Does punctuality really ensure success in life?”   Do you agree or disagree? Explain with reasons.

Some men are in the habit of doing their duties in time. They attend office in time, they open their shops in time, they go to see a person in time. This habit of doing a thing in time is called punctuality.


Punctuality is a good habit. It saves much of our time. Many things can be done within a short time if we are punctual. Time does not wait for anybody. If time is once gone we cannot bring it back. We leave many things often undone. It is, therefore, a loss to us. Punctuality helps us in gaining success in life. A punctual man is treated with respect. He saves his own time. He does not cause inconvenience to others. Men have faith in such a person. So they do not hesitate to entrust him with a responsible work.

Punctual and unpunctual men contrasted—When we contrast a punctual man with an unpunctual one, we can mark the difference. A punctual man does his duties in time. He may have some urgent piece of business at some place. It may be that he will have to go there by train or steamer. If he reaches the station in time, he may go there and finish his business without difficulty. If the man is unpunctual, he reaches the station too late. He fails to catch the train orsteamer. He is...