•2.1, 2.3 Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles, and summarise your own responsibilities in relation to other professionals (250 words)

As a teacher, whether in or out of the class room, professional code of ethics should be practiced at all times, this of course means never giving personal details to any of your students. My aim, is to support my students on their journey through the learning process at their given subject.   Whilst being friendly at all times, doesn’t extend to being marriage councillors etc, we are only there to teach.   At times like this, outside agencies should come into play, such the CAB, Marriage guidance, social services AA.   We, may as teachers think something is wrong with a particular student, but unable to pin point anything. Perhaps coaxing other students to maybe throw some light, in a relaxed way, without any disclosure, we cannot guide the student to getting the right sort of help. Some students could have drug or alcohol problems.   My responsibility, in dance, is to make sure the physical, equipment, resources and also non physical , learning, getting the most out of the subject, health and safety, by not dehydrating, get par- q filled out, check what illnesses/injuries and access whether or not the student is fit enough for physical activities. Practicing   core values of equality and diversity, listening, making sure that students treat each other with respect. Put students at ease by speaking to them on their own level, making the class a fun experience, and treating them as an individual.   Dancing notoriously carries a stigma of embarrassment , so making sure everyone feels included is of ultimate importance.