These are prisoner-orientated courses that prepare the prisoner in relation to their offence, for working towards his release date.

Initial Assessment

The teaching/training cycle starts with an initial assessment of the candidates starting a course.
In the case of a prisoner wanting to start an education course an assessment of written English and basic mathematics would be established to ascertain whether the appropriate course they have chosen to be enlisted on is suitable, having the functional skills necessary to understand the course.

Preparation and Planning

A suitable classroom for the course is needed; taking into consideration accessibility with regards disabilities, heating, lighting, fire exits, toilet facilities and refreshment breaks.
Seating arrangements are usually taught in a “semi-circle” layout with the aim to give the teacher the best view of all the students and the student’s best view of the teacher, encouraging individual participation to the whole class.
The right physical appearance when presenting a course, although in uniform shows a professional approach.
The preparation and planning would incorporate the use of pre-prepared material on Microsoft PowerPoint software.
These are short courses confined to a particular subject relational to working within the prison environment.
Preparations for work with prisoner groups have pre-prepared guidelines but the courses are adapted to specific criteria for the individuals needs.
Prison service courses are designed internally but the use of outside material must comply with the Copyright Designs and Patents Act as this includes material from websites as well as written documents.


A teacher will have understanding of the course being presented and be able to communicate verbally in a manner clear and concise for example, not mumbling, loosing words or speaking in a monotone manner, too much technical or specialist terms and speaking too quickly.   A...