It is the responsibility of the City West skill center facilitator to meet the needs of the learners in achieving the course requirements by planning and delivering the course curriculum (c skills award level 1) in a manner which is appropriate for the learners and takes into account individual needs. The aims and objectives of the course should be made clear by the facilitator. It’s the facilitator responsibility to report and maintain the standards of not only the syllabus and the learner but also of their own professional practice. This is illustrated in the learning cycle below.

  1. Identification of learner needs   =   Interview , first assessment , 3rd party representatives
  2. Learning Design = C skills award , session planners , ground rules
  3. Delivery of learning programme = Practical tasks, assessments, activities in relevant trade bricklaying, joinery, tiling, plastering.
  4.   Learning evaluation = Learner assessments, course evaluation, curriculum development, ground rules

City West skill center is an alternative provisions for boys and girls age 14-16yrs old struggling with main stream education. Each individual learners needs are identified thru liaison with various 3rd party organisations in order to establish a carefully structured learning cycle for that individual.
3rd party involvement:
External | College Teaching P.R.U.S Y.O.T.S | To gain background information on the individual in terms of skill levels, Learner requirements as well as social, family, personal issues. |
Internal | Management H. R | Advisory |
Referrals | AA Ask Frank Citizens Advice | For continued (specialized) help and support of the learner. |

We have the understanding of the overlap of roles and the importance of working together to benefit the learner, but we also take into account our own professional code of conduct and the confidentiality of information.

The facilitator has the responsibility to maintain...