Pttls Unit 001

City and Guilds 6302 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Unit 001 Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning

Assessment Task 1


12 March 2012

Unit 001 Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in the Lifelong Learning
Most professional fields are governed and monitored by legislation, regulations and/or codes of practice and those personnel working within it are required to understand and comply with them. My organisation is no different, Health and Safety, Road Traffic Regulations; Fire Regulations etc govern how daily business is carried out.
Within the Ministry of Defence I have been required to deliver training to all levels across the learners. It is my role to ensure that all teaching carried out by me and those within my department, is compliant with current regulations. UK and EU Legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice are the overarching policies and procedures that govern how, when and why training is carried out. Over the past eight years I have delivered Equality & Diversity training, as an annual requirement, compliant with The Equality Act (currently 2010) and Data Protection Act 1988. My responsibility for promoting E&D within my department was not only a legal requirement but also a moral one.
Some roles and responsibilities held by me have changed continually, influenced by; my level of training and experience, the environment in which I delivered the training, target audience etc, however my fundamental responsibilities did not change.
The majority of my department are from Commonwealth countries and come from diverse backgrounds. Speaking to other professionals, researching into cultures and customs gave me a clearer insight into the needs of my learners.
My responsibilities required me to identify the needs of my learners by carrying out an initial assessment in the form of an informal interview; I documented the learner’s needs...