Pttls Task 1

Introduction into Teaching and Learning.

Dean Ogden.

Task 1:

Roles and Responsibilities.

Teachers have many roles and responsibilities within their position but the main aim is to educate their learners. To do this the teacher must approach lessons from various angles to keep the learners focused, to maintain a positive attitude towards learning and to encourage them to develop an interest in the lesson being studied. This in turn will result in hard work being carried out by the learner with increased results. The teacher is then responsible for assessing the work and giving feedback to the learner where it is due.

A teacher also holds the role of supporting their learners throughout their education whether it be for educational purposes or through referral for personal or social needs, they are there to set targets and to assist their learners to help them achieve their goals and gain the required qualifications. In doing this the teacher will demonstrate discipline, self control, provide assistance through their own life experiences and to set the learner up for working life after education.


Teachers need to be approachable to learners while still maintaining a professional distance, A teacher should be encouraged to build a rapport with students but to make sure they are established as a teacher and not a friend at all times. Any contact between teacher and student should be purely professional and any social activity is to be restricted with no personal experiences shared between parties and the language used kept formal.

Legislation and codes of practice affecting the work of teachers.