Pttls Explain How You Could Promote Inclusion

Inclusion is important for all learners and that they are made to feel comfortable and actively included in the group and subject they are to learn. They must be made fully aware and are able to understand and participate in all the course activities. Inclusion involves eliminating discrimination and promoting equality for all learners.
As a tutor it is important to identify any individual needs of learners that may prevent inclusion. These can be found by using an initial assessment, application form or interview. The information can then be used to create reasonable adjustments to establish an inclusive learning environment e.g. a visually impaired learner may require handouts to be on a coloured piece of paper.
Differentiated learning outcomes are used to ensure inclusivity by engaging all learners at different levels and abilities.

Equality for learners is not about treating everyone the same, it is about giving everyone equal access to the opportunity to the learning experience.
It is to be ensured that all learners are treated fairly and not discriminated against regardless of their;
-Race/Religion -Circumstance/Age
-Gender/Sexual orientation -Disability/Learning needs

Diversity is being aware that all learners are different so therefore diverse. Different people are different ages, genders and have different backgrounds and knowledge levels. So as a tutor you should ensure you;
  * Are non-judgemental
  * Ensure particular groups are not offended e.g. faiths or religions
  * Use activities and assessments which are pitched at the right level
  * Do not give some learners more attention than others

As a tutor you have to make reasonable adjustments to finding solutions to barriers
Barriers | Possible referral |
FinanceLocation and timingsLearning difficultiesReligion and cultural | Identify funding if available such as fee remission, hardship fund, payment plans and refer to reception for appropriate contact numbers.Suggest...