Pttls Diversity

PTTLS Theory Task 3- Inclusion,Equality,Diversity and Points of Referral

Explain how you could promote inclusion,equality and diversity with your current / future learners.Identify other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners  

This task aims to promote equality,diversity,and Inclusion, for my current and future learners, and includes points of referral.It will include examples of practice, explain their impact, and to recognise the occasions outside of my particular area of teaching when matters should be referred, and list where learners could obtain specialist information and support in relation to the teaching, training, and learning environment.

The inclusion and involvment   of all learners in their relevant activities is paramount, I try to find ways to reach each individual giving them confidence and motivation to progress with their learning. The   exclusion of any individual however, for any reason either directly or indirectly could have an impact on the group and cause problems.

Its important to value all learners equally, not all learners are the same, but still should be treated as equals, influencing training, teaching and assessment. Equality should influence, planning, development, delivery, evaluation and reflection for the teacher, and to afford learners every opportunity to achieve, and to provide the   resources, facilities, and any other support networks available such as learning support, to underpin any learners' learning experience.

Diversity of learners could include ethnic origin, gender, race, age, culture, belief, interest, anything that gives a learner an individual characteristic, it is important to seek out these characteristics in order to include these individualities during the teaching and learning process; for example, a learner or learners may have an interest in a particular subject   it may be that the learner or learners could cover functional skills,and communication criteria...