Pttls Course Assignment1

Assignment one

Explain the five stages of the Training cycle, describing your role, responsibilities and professional boundaries as teacher at each stage. Identify current legislative requirements and codes of practice relevant to your subject specialism and the type of organisation within which you work/would like to work.

The Training cycle – (Kolb)

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Identifying needs and planning

Teaching can take on many forms and at this stage it is important to establish, what where, and how the subject can be delivered. Market research can identify the need for the subject to be taught. Advertising in public areas where there may be of interest for the course. Location of the course and suitable venues .Contact   Awarding bodies to check if they will give approval for a qualification to be given to students on successfully completing the course.

Design and planning

It is important to create the right environment in which to deliver   the lesson to the students. A suitable room   with a seating plan that will enable students to be comfortable and be able to see and hear clearly .Make use of available resources. Applying different teaching methods   and introduce learning aids and practical equipment   that will make the subject   interesting and fun to learn


Decide how the lesson will be delivered, It may be formal or informal or a combination of both. The factors which dictate include age of students, subject matter. Are there enough students to form groups fro discussions or practical work.
Make the aims and targets clear and summarize often throughout the lesson highlighting key point’s .leave time at the end of the lesson so students can ask questions or have a point of view  


There are various methods of assessment that a tutor can use has...