Pttls Assignment

Theory Assessment 1
Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle
The teaching/training cycle comprises of five processes;

1) Identify Needs
2) Plan and Design
3) Deliver/Facilitate
4) Assess
5) Evaluate

Identify Needs

Role: Assessor, Reviewer, Sign poster

Responsibilities: To identify the needs of your learners so you can design the course to reflect individual differences. This is often the first stage in the teaching/training cycle process, it may have to be delayed until you meet your learners for the first time and it should be an ongoing requirement throughout the learning journey and teachers have a responsibility throughout this process to monitor their practice and ensure that their learners needs are met.

Boundaries: Learners may not want to divulge certain sensitive information and as a teacher you must be able to respect this. Learners have a right to expect that personal information is kept confidential and is not discussed with others unless permission has been granted to do so or there are safeguarding concerns in relation to vulnerable people.

Plan and Design

Role: Planner, Designer, Reviewer, Scheduler, Organiser, Researcher

Responsibilities: To plan and design a course of learning that meets the needs of the learners and requirements of the course. Most teachers/trainers are responsible for designing their own courses, however some courses are prescriptive and must be delivered in a certain way and for those teachers there can be limited scope at this stage in the teaching/training cycle. Writing a syllabus for the course ensuring outcomes, aims and objectives are covered in an appropriate way, this is where preparing a scheme of work and/or session plans are part of your responsibility; encompassing-order in which outcomes are planned, delivery strategies, appropriate resources and assessment methods.

Boundaries:   An awareness of the...