Pttls Assignment 4 - Groundrules

Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behavior and respect for others.

Ground rules are a set of expectations for appropriate behavior, actions and attitude, aimed at promoting a positive, safe and respectful learning environment.   They help establish boundaries   to manage behavior and disruption, whilst motivating respect for both teacher and peers.   The rules may help individuals feel secure to actively participate to lessons and underpin the importance of respect for other learners within the environment.   A ground rule may be formulated personally by the teacher / students, or by the institution in which they are teaching.   Ground rules may include:

Use of mobile phones
Listening to others
Handing work in on time

Ground rules can be established in three main ways:
Teacher imposed -   in which they are set by the teacher and imposed onto the class.
Learner imposed - in which the class set their own rules.
Negotiated - in which the rules are agreed between both the learners and teacher.

The ideal way in which to establish ground rules, is for them to be negotiated.   In negotiating the rule, it’s ownership is handed over to the student, making it more likely to be adhered to, or reinforced by peers if broken.   There may be circumstances in which certain rules are non-negotiable, such as an institutional imposed rule, or where compliance to health and safety legislation is required.   In such situations, it would be made clear to learners that this is the case from the onset.   The choice of method for establishing the rules may depend on the size and maturity of the group and also the ability to control or influence the group at that time.
In cases where negotiation can occur, students are encouraged to make suggestions for specific rules, perhaps following a discussion of what makes a positive learning environment.   This can take place through a variety of delivery methods,...