Pttls Assignment 1

Describe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher In Terms of the Teaching / Training Cycle

The role responsibilities and boundaries faced by teachers in the lifelong learning sector are multi faceted and evolving. They can be measured using the teacher training cycle as a framework that is an ongoing cycle of assessment, planning and evaluation.

Before describing the teacher training cycle in more detail and looking at the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher, I feel it is important to clearly differentiate between them. A role involves some concept of expected behaviour connected to a position. As a teacher there are agreed expectations associated with the role. A responsibility can be seen as duty to deal with or take care of something and a boundary in this context could be viewed as the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

The teaching / training cycle is made up of five distinct stages. These are Identifying Needs, Planning and Design, Evaluating, Identifying Needs and Delivering. For the purposes of this essay I will look at each stage of the cycle and comment on the diverse roles, responsibilities and boundaries that are contained within that section.

Identifying Needs

This is where the initial assessment of the student’s needs and course should take place. The role of the teacher in this area could entail completing a Needs assessment of prospective students using a variety of techniques. This may include a face to face interview, formal enrolment, written questionnaire and a review of the student’s prior learning. This will enable the student to make an informed decision about whether the course is relevant to their needs and expectations and also allow the teacher to create an individual student file that will grow, as they move through the stages of the teacher / training cycle.

The key responsibilities of the teacher in this stage are to effectively plan the course content...