Pttls - Assignment 1.1

Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching / training cycle.

The ‘Training Cycle’ has five constituent parts; identifying needs and planning, designing, facilitating, assessing, and evaluation. (Ann Gravells 2008)

As a trainer I identify the training needs of the students, both in respect of the syllabus requirements from the organisations point of view, and from the point of view of the students and their preferred learning styles. I do this by referring to the existing syllabus produced by the organisation, or where no syllabus exists by producing a syllabus in consultation with other trainers based on our professional / operational knowledge of the requirements of the role to be undertaken by the students.

I give consideration to using a varied style of teaching to where possible cater for visual learners (seeing), aural learners (talking and listening) and kinaesthetic learners (doing), as by doing this I understand my students will be more motivated to learn. Included at this stage of the ‘Training Cycle’ I include some form of initial assessment to ascertain any prior knowledge or skills that students may already possess, which assists in tailoring teaching methods to the individual needs of the student. I do this by holding an informal question and answer session during the students introduction of themselves at the start of the course. Where practicable I send out a pre-course questionnaire to the student with joining instructions to help identify their preferred learning style. This allows me to consider different training methods to provide the best learning for the student.

I identify what content should be included, and what could be included within the training. By referring to the syllabus and using my operational experience to consider what else may be included on the course to further enhance their performance in the relevant role the student will be undertaking.

I put any...