Pttls Assessment T1

PTLLS Assessment T1 1/11/2011

Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

In identifying the needs of the potential learners I as the trainer need to carry out an initial assessment of the learners needs. At the beginning of the course an induction class where we find out all the information necessary about the learners is held.
E.g. support with learning, dyslexic as they will have filled in a form with all there details.
The learners will vary in back ground and age, as no two students learn in the same way. With different requirements so the more i can find out about them at this stage the greater likelihood of being able to treat them as individuals. I need to find out about the place of work I will be teaching in e.g., Training Centre and my job role I will be carrying out so I will be required to plan for and prepare all the materials for delivery my lesson plan. Also the type of environment, it is about knowing where your professional role stops. So in identifying the needs I have the responsibility of getting all my learners needs met. So any problems at this stage will be noted and help asked Support when and who to pass the information onto to get the support for learners. This would include boundaries as setting the ground rules would be my responsibility and these would be, giving my full attention to the class I am teaching, teaching what I know and if asked a question I don’t not know the answer to I would tell the student I will get back to them and do my best to find out the correct answer allowing me to answer the student and knowing the answer if asked again. Some examples of ground rules for students would be mobiles off or on silent, no eating in class, question can be asked at the end of a section and we can cover again anything not understood.
Plan and Design
I need to produce a session plan with clear aims and objectives as this is the most important...