Pttls Assessment 4

Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, and which underpin behaviour and respect for others.

To establish ground rules that promote both a productive and healthy learning environment with respect and understanding for others is an important task that I have to address in the first session of any new course. This initial session can set the tone for future sessions along with my interactions with and between the other learners in the class.
Many adults can feel stressed and/or anxious about further education, especially if they have not had further learning experiences after their initial school education. They may feel they will be talked-down to or dictated rules similar to their time in school. It is vital that in this environment learners feel comfortable, that there opinion and input matters and that they are part of the over all group, not segregated or alone.
Initially, to “break the ice” and at the same time not have focus or scrutiny aimed at a learner or the group, I would ask the learners to try and think of a teacher or mentor that they liked. Then I would proceed to ask them what made that mentor or teacher good? To get them started I would give suggestions, for example, were they nice, punctual, good listeners and other examples if the group was slow to start contributing.   After agreeing on a characteristic of a mentor I would then add it to a list on a blackboard or flip chart. After the group agrees they can’t think of anymore or suggestions start to be grouped with previous answers I would then ask them to think what makes a good learner/student. After the lists have been made it should become apparent and then reinforced that there are similarities between the two, e.g. good listeners, treating people fairly and afford certain levels of respect to people I the group whether learner or teacher.
At this point a set of mutually agreed upon rules can be drawn up. If at first the group is apprehensive to say...