Pttls 301 Task a

Assignment 301
Understanding roles, responsilbilites and relationships in education and training
Mentors Information
Procedures and Policies for new staff. All new members of staff should read these and sign and date the enclosed form. These are to be reviewed by management annually and as and when they are updated. Should you wish to discuss any of the material please contact your line manager.
We hope with this guide to assist you in your new employment, and to refer to the information at any point during your career with us. The guide outlines our policies and is put in place to assist you with your customers and the best way to assess their needs and how best they learn.

Confidentiality & Data Protection PoliciesThis to include Data Protection highlighting the importance of adhering to the rules | |
Equal OpportunitiesShowing that we are all treated the same | |
Health and SafetyNot only for personal safety but being alert for your work colleagues and customersSicknessOutlining the manner to which you will contact the office, how it is reported and the following procedureCodes of PracticeIntroduced byt the Institue of learning (ILF) and covers the activities of its membersHolidayThe timely requesting of Holiday time and the procedure for doing so.TrainingHow to request training and the response from your senior member of staff. | |
Commitment to our EmployeesWe will:   * Communicate Effectively   * Act Professionally   * Set the level of training correctly to match our Employee   * Use Appropriate behaviour   * Use suitable Equipment and resources   * Refer employees to other agencies where appropriate   * Use different assessment tools and give verbal and written feedback** LEGISLATION AND CODES OF PRACTICE ARE DETAILED FURTHER THROUHOUT THE HANDOUT** | |
| |
Money & Debt
This section will deal with the training needs of the individual members of staff and the issues there in..
Explain the teacher training role and...