Pttls 1.4

1.4 establishing Ground Rules with Learners

It is important to establish ground rules with the learners that I get within my establishment at Feltham to get the behaviour to an acceptable level and underline respect for others. We archive this by having a behavioural compact upon their arrival. The rules and regulations within this document must be obeyed whilst they are attending the gym. The compact is signed by both me and the learner.
Before attending a lesson I will ask the learners what they would expect from the lesson and we would have a discussion. During this discussion I will also inform the learners of any health and safety regulations that might affect our lesson and also make them aware of the boundaries such as correct dress and language. I will make them aware that if these rules and regulations are not adhered to then sanctions will be brought against the offending party. During these discussions I will treat the views of the learners as confidential and will always be fair with their opinions.
I believe that my learners see me as a role model and therefore will make sure that me behaviour is of a standard that I would expect from my learners i.e. I’m correctly dressed and I do not use swear words. As a mentor I will commit a 100% effort and expect the same from my learners. Communication plays a key role within my lessons and therefore I need to encourage good behaviour and commitment from my learners as set out by the compact that was signed by both parties.