Pttlls Assignment 1

PTLLS Assignment 1
  * Explain what your actual or perceived role, responsibilities and boundaries are as a teacher in terms of the teaching cycle.
  * Identify the legislative requirements and codes of practice that directly impact on your teaching.
  * Identify the legislative requirements and codes of practice that directly impact on your learning environment.

As Project co-ordinator, it is my duty of care to ensure that the learners and staff have the right to be in a safe working environment (Health and Safety at work Act 1974) and are treated equally while keeping to the nine characteristics of the Equality Act 2010, these include; age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. The Equality Act sets out different ways in which it is against the law to treat someone, such as direct or indirect discrimination, harassment, victimisation and failing to make a reasonable adjustment for a disabled person ( which also ties in with the disability discrimination act 2005 this gives disabled people rights to education, accessing the facilities and services. This means I need to take steps to include everyone by having the premises suitably altered where possible like having ramps, disabled toilets, specialised learning equipment, classroom access, signage, and other relevant alterations.
I ensure that attendance records and progress forms are kept up to date and attend meetings in regard to learners needs in and outside the learning environment. I work with a lot of outside agencies and sometimes need to signpost the learner should they want something my organisation cannot cater for. The learners’ needs are identified by the use of a Literacy, Numeracy and ICT test to ascertain their academic levels and a reading and spelling assessment is carried out too. Another helpful tool used is a VAK test to see how the learners mainly...