Pttlls-Access Essay

I would like to work towards becoming a Teacher/Tutor because I myself am a product of someone whom I consider started me on my learning journey. I was never very academically bright when i was growing up, and left school at 15 with no qualifications. I married at 17 and was a homemaker and Mother. I had various part time factory jobs to help ends meet but always felt i could do more with my life. As an adult learner in 2007, I was inspired by a wonderful IT Tutor named Gordon Nash, my passion was Information Technology. I had worked in computer sales for 2 yrs and had learned how to build computer units and install software packages, however due to the collapse of the company i found myself unemployed. I knew how difficult it was for some people to work with computers, let alone when it went wrong, and this bought about my first thoughts of teaching others what i had learned. I was good with computers but i had nothing on paper

I knew i had to go to college to gain the qualifications i needed, but the thought of going back into class based learning terrified me, that huge building and the thought of tutors and other learners thinking i was not bright enough was to scary. Instead i chose to attend a small community based learning centre to gain my European Computer Driver Licence and was relieved that it was really enjoyable, Tutors were approachable and very helpful.

With the confidence boost i had gained from passing my ECDL, i   immediately applied for a place at college to complete the Diploma for IT practitioners. On my first day at the college, Gordon Nash was introduced as my tutor for the course. Over the next 6 months, Gordon taught me that if i worked at accomplishing one goal at a time, I could achieve almost anything, most of all he inspired me to be the best that I could be, I completed my diploma with merits and distinctions  
I have had other important Teachers/Tutors since Gordon who have continued to encourage and motivate me and although my...