Pttles Units 1

Explain the teaching roles and responsibilities in education and training.

Identifying needs:

When you are teaching you have to take into consideration the needs of every individual on the course whether it is a physical disability or just a lack of motivation. You need to asses your learners to find out which way they learn best this could be: kinaesthetic(hands on/ physical), auditory(hearing/listening) and visual (seeing). By assessing the individuals needs you then know how to plan your session. You need to know if your pupils have had any bad experiences throughout the teaching industry, this way you can adapt your teaching style to the individuals needs. As a teacher it is your role and responsibilities to make sure all your students needs are met, there for you have to identify the needs. You also have to do this in the correct manor by abiding the deodorises. You have to be careful when identifying needs of young adults as they are vulnerable

Plan and design:

You need to plan what the length of time the course is going to be, you would plan this around the age and ability of the group. You need to think thoroughly about the lengths of the session because, if the sessions are too long the students are not going to be able to remember all the information they have been taught. Also, the sessions can't be too short because then you wont have enough time to teach all of the curricular. You need to also take into consideration what resources you are going to need throughout your session and make sure you have enough and that you can supply the resources. So If you session contained writing you would have to supply pens and paper as part of your resources. You need to also plan which teaching methods you are going to use in your session because you may have a lot of students that are kinaesthetic learners so, you have to plan your session around the type of students you have.


With the delivery of the session you have to do it with...