Ptls Unit 301 Task B

Level 3 Award in Education and Training AMENDMENTS

Assignment 301
Task B
Explain why it is important to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others (ref 2.2)
When we refer to behaviour we are referring to how the learner and the assessor interact with one another. Respect is about accepting others, not being rude or lowering their self esteem. Having appropriate behaviour and respect sets the boundaries for the learning journey. Referring to learners as ‘mate’ would be deemed inappropriate behaviour. It is good practice to establish some ‘ground rules’ or ‘ways to behave’ whilst in the classroom when lesson planning is done. A learner is expecting the teacher to guide them to reach their goals. To behave and respect others appropriately, ground rules need to be established. This would include when you expect to have assignments handed in or when it is acceptable to give input to the lesson e.g. If the assessor is talking then don’t interrupt. It is important to establish a routine, this allows for organisation by both the assessor and the learner. Equality and diversity come into play regarding behaviour and respect. It is important in order to teach in an inclusive way that equality and diversity are promoted. In order to do this, individuals would not be singled out. All teachers and trainers need to make aware on the companies safeguarding policy and trained to be able to identify signs of abuse. Learners and assessors should be able to feel they can have a discussion maybe on local news topics or celebrations around the world, without prejudice from others.   If appropriate behaviour is not established by assessor and /or learner this could cause disruption and hinder learning taking place.
Ways to promote equality and value diversity (ref 1.3)
Ways in which to promote Equality and Diversity would be to challenge positively prejudice and stereotyping as it happens. Often when people are prejudice it is due to ignorance not malice. Equality...