Roles, Responsibilities and
Relationships in Lifelong Learning
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The Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher are varied and complex through the whole of the five key Roles of the Teaching and learning cycle....
from Identifying needs to Quality assurance and Evaluation the cycle continuously flows and over laps as the ever changing needs of the Teacher & Learner grow and progress.
As a Teacher in the LLS there is a great importance on understanding your own role and responsibilities of your chosen subject ( Hairdressing).Teaching roles can be from a wide spectrum of places,Colleges-Army- Prisons-Work placed training to Independent Business’s keyed to teaching a specific role, it will require you to be Committed-Professional and Competent at all times.

Key Roles will include:
1)Meeting Learners,Parents/Guardians,Internal-External staff.
2)Finding out course requirements.
3)Interviews for Learners.
4)Observing your Students learning styles.
5)Attending courses-meetings & training.
6)Being professional, responsible and respectful.
7)Communicating and liaising with Learners,   employers-colleagues and other Internal & External bodies.
8)Planning lessons-choosing & resourcing equipment, tools and literature needed.
9)Ensuring placement is clean,safe, adequately heated and/or ventilated.
11)Ensuring all Learners are made to feel welcome-valued and equal.
12)Making sure that course is the correct one for the Learner through interview and tutorial giving advice & guidance where needed.
13)Assessing the needs & learning styles of your group making them feel relaxed and comfortable.
14)Addressing Codes of conduct, Time tables, all other information including contacts, phone numbers, where to go & what to do In case of a fire alarm, Incidents of bullying/harassment etc.
15)Evaluating yourself on Code of conduct, production of course material, how it went, things that need to...