Understand own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning.
1.2 Analyse own responsibilities for promoting equality and valuing diversity.
In my role as Tutor my responsibilities for promoting equality and valuing diversity include:
Initial assessment
How the classroom is set up.
Use of appropriate materials, Languages and Visual Aids.
During initial assessment it is essential to gain as much information about learners individual needs:
(Pike 1989) studies show that over a period of three days learning retention is as follows.
10% of what you read
20% of what you hear
30% of what you see
50% of what you see and hear
70% of what you say
90% of what you say and do.
Utilising various teaching methods, would enable the diverse learning styles within the classroom, to gain information in ways which best suit them. Laying the room out so everyone has a fair chance to participate, and using learner forenames also creates a more familiar setting and less threatening environment.
This is to ensure each student feels safe in the learning environment. By inclusive teaching I am enabling each student to take part in various activities, not segregating them. Legally I am responsible to comply with the equality act 2010, to promote this I need to create a positive culture within the classroom, Question and Answer sessions relating to diverse subjects, would enable the whole class to feel comfortable in participating in learning, it also recognises the strengths, potential weaknesses and social difference between individuals.
I think it is essential during the induction talk to make everyone fully aware of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. (Ground rules).   During this time is where I first address equality and diversity and try to engage the class into a discussion in why these are such important rules to adhere to by using different images of diverse cultures, gender, race and religion. I make myself available at all times to support individuals, and...