Task 2

As a trainer within the Crime Training department then all the courses are governed by varying legislation and it is   a key aspect in my role to ensure that I know the relevant legislation and aware of any updates.
There are certain legislation and policies   that MUST be adhered to   in what ever role we have at SYP including Human rights Act 1998 and The Race Relations Act ( Amendment ) Act 2000. These ensure that only certain rights are infringed upon and that there is a legitimate reason for infringing those rights.   These also ensure everyone is treated fairly and justly with in our diverse society.
There are also specific codes of practise and legislation that must be adhered to when working on SYP material and on SYP computers systems. These include the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and the Data Protection Act 1998, which ensures the use and access of all the computers and systems, are lawful and relevant.   We also have the Managements of Police Information (MOPI) which governs what information we retain, how we deal with in and its disposal.
The above legislation applies to all material but especially Police National Database (PND) and all our Intelligence courses.
In relation to Investigative Interviewing, there is The Youth and Criminal Evidence Act 1999 as amended by The Coroners Act 2009.   This identifies young and vulnerable people who need to be assessed in order for them to maximise their evidence at court, and within the rules of the court and the Adversarial System.
Legislation and Codes of Practise governs   almost all interviewing procedures with Association of Chief police Officers (ACPO) guidelines and Strategy, National Police Improvement Agency(NPIA) and legislation (such as Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 or Criminal Justice and public Order act 1994) all having an influencing factor.