Eric Powell
C&G 7303 PTLLS Level 3 – Assignment 1.3
Explain how you could promote inclusion, equality and diversity with your current / future learners. Identify other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners.
For this assignment I shall be looking at teaching Sports Science at Level 4 (A-Level). Inclusion, equality and diversity can be basically described as letting all your students get involved on an equal basis, but still have their individual needs and identities. A way of finding about your students needs is by getting them to fill out questionnaires before the course starts. This could also be carried out verbally on a one to one basis, which will also let you know their character.
One area to be looked at would be their learning needs. A list of their previous qualifications would give you a base level of where to start at. Then have they more specific needs such as dyslexia. These pupils might need more time to take notes, so dicta-phones could help them. Pupils could also have negative attitudes to schooling, so encouraging chatting and having informal seating might put them at ease.
Another area would be their physical needs. Are any of your students in wheel chairs and might need improved access, such as wider doorways or ground floor classrooms. Do any of your students have bad eyesight or hearing and might have to sit at the front.
Outside the classroom the students could have problems and needs that might affect their learning. In rural locations public transport might be limited, so you might have to consider your lesson times.
Learners will often have problems in all areas that the teacher cannot solve. Teachers should therefore refer the learner to the relevant department.   These areas could include financial problems or child care difficulties. The college might have to look at grants or providing a crèche.
The more a teacher knows their students the easier it is to include and meet their needs. This will...