Thank you for choosing C Company Training Ltd as your preferred training provider and for your booking on the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) course that is running from the 4th to the 8th April 2011.

Over the next few pages you will find information that will be useful prior to, and when attending the course.

Course Overview

The award is a level 4 qualification and consists of 6 sections including a micro teach lesson of a subject of your choice. It has been designed to enable the assessment of a candidate’s ability to design and deliver learning programmes, monitor their own performance and development and to identify the needs and styles of a learner.

How is the award achieved?

It is achieved by the assessment of your ability to carry out a series of tasks and to ascertain your competence in those areas. During the course you will be assessed on the following areas:-

  1. Understand your role and responsibilities and the boundaries of your role in teaching
  2. Understand appropriate teaching and learning approaches in the specialist area
  3. Demonstrate session planning skills
  4. Understand how to deliver inclusive sessions which motivate learners
  5. Understand the use of different assessment methods and the need for record keeping

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed using the following methods:

Natural observation (being watched whilst carrying out certain tasks)
Documentary evidence (written work prepared by you on the course)
Historic evidence (work prepared by you prior to the course)

Pre Course Preparation

You will be required to carry out an amount of pre-course work. This will enable us to evaluate and identify your strengths and weaknesses at an early stage and to offer a greater level of support to you during the 5 days you are with us. The pre-coursework required is not difficult and a minimum of 30 hours should be spent on the preparation. You will be required...